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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys: I have a database that is full of items. Each item lives in a box, with various accessories. I'm trying to loop through this DB to print out a label for each case that shows the amount of items that are in the case, along with the accessories that belong to it. I currently have a rather convoluted bit of code, that kind of works, but doesn't have the order that I want. My result is currently this: 4 X Generic lighting hanging clamp 4 X Generic lighting hanging clamp 4 X Generic lighting hanging clamp 4 X Generic lighting hanging clamp 4 X Generic lighting hanging clam
  2. I have a script that retrieves the names of photos in a photo directory. I want to sort them by the names, but my sorting isn't working. Everything seems to work except the order is wrong. My code is below. Any help is appreciated. $path = "../arrangements"; if(isset($_POST['file']) && is_array($_POST['file'])) { foreach($_POST['file'] as $file) { unlink($path . "/" . $file) or die("Failed to <strong class='highlight'>delete</strong> file"); } } $path = "../arrangements"; $dir_handle = @opendir($path) or die("Unabl
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