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Problem with variables

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I have a file "produtos.php" that i want to make a link to another file "cprodutos.php" passing a variable with a number.

This is the code that i have in produtos.php:

print("<p style=\"margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 0\">&nbsp;<a href=\"cprodutos.php?idcat=$campo_id\">$campo_c</a>");

I think this part is correct, because the link is made correctly, it gives me this: [a href=\"http://www.hmsg.net/bijuteria/cprodutos.php?idcat=2\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.hmsg.net/bijuteria/cprodutos.php?idcat=2[/a]

the 2 is the number that i want to pass.

But in the cprodutos.php i don't know how to get the variable? is there any function to get the idact=2?

What code should i put in the cprodutos.php?

Whith the best regards

Hugo Gomes

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$idact = $_GET['idact'];

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