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  1. Assuming the common identifier in the first array always has the first position: <?php foreach( $arr_1 as $k => $data ) { if ( isset( $arr_2[$data[0]] ) ) { $arr_1[$k][] = $arr_2[$data[0]]; } } ?> This will add data from the second array to the first array
  2. Sorry, im on two computers and tested it from one and then just typed it in the forumpost from another, so it glitched naturally. No big fuzz, but brilliant that the post cannot be edited.
  3. Also, there are often multiple solutions to any problem, here is another <?php function revname( $str ) { return implode( ' ', array_reverse( explode( ',', $str ) ) ); } echo implode( '<br>', array_map( revname, array( 'Burgess, Kevin', 'Smith, John' ) ) ); // Kevin Burges<br>John Smith ?>
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