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Ok, so this might take a while and i really appreciete anybody who can help me.
I have a site and i want to put video's and animations on it, i asked my friend who is really good with computers if he could help me make a comment php thing, he told me that first i what i have to do is make a script where whenever i upload a video or animation to my site, IT AUTOMATICALLY EMBEDS IT. HERE IS WHAT MY FRIEND SAID:

Ruvio: ok listen to this,,,
Me: ok
Ruvio: u have 10000 videos
Ruvio: and u want to embed all of them oon seperate pages for ur website
Ruvio: that would take days
Me: .....
Ruvio: but you make a scirpt that , when in the "videoupload" fold,er , the embeds are generated for u
Ruvio: so when u get new materal u dont hhave to update constantly
Ruvio: google aroudn for folder manipulating with php
So thats what he told me to do and im a big newb at php, and i was wondering if anybody knew of how to do this or any ways to help me understand what my friend is asking me to do, OR if u know of something THAT does what my friends telling me to do. ALSO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am on a site with this other kid in my grade and he only lets me have 1 database so my friend RUVIO said that i have to make a php or html file with thess functions without having to make a new database or something like that.!

my website is www.media-sc.net
i am currently under construction.

I GREATLY APPRECIETE ANY SORT OF HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THANKS ALOT, and i wasnt really sure of where to put this topic

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I'd suggest doing it something like this: Have one PHP file, but have it take info from $_GET and use that to generate the embed tag. Something like this:

$fileName = $_GET['video'];
echo "<embed src='videos/".$fileName.".avi'>";

I don't know the syntax for the embed tags, but you'd have to do something like that for the "src" attribute. Go nuts!

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If you post a more detailed question in PHP Help, you'll probably get some more help. And I'd suggest reading some tutorials on the main site (http://www.phpfreaks.com) if you're completely new to PHP and server-side scripting.

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