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This isn't much but I couldn't find anything that would show you the updated time without refreshing the browser. What I mean by this, I have the following code (very simple, this is just a test I'm doing after looking at a date tutorial).

echo(date("l h:i:s a"));

This shows you the day of the week and the hour, minut, seconds and either am or pm .

Example: Monday 06:54:49 pm

But to see what time it is you need to refresh the page to see the updated time. How do I make it so you don't have to refresh and your see the time go

Monday 06:54:49 pm
Monday 06:54:50 pm
Monday 06:54:51 pm
Monday 06:54:52 pm

And so on. I explained it the best I could but if you don't know what I'm talking about I'll try to re-explain it.

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That can only be done with Javascript.


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If you want 'live' time on a page without refreshing, then you have to use javascript (or an applet). It can't be done with php. Google for "javascript clock" and you'll find hundreds of scripts that'll work.

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Hi fruzzgle

I'm pretty new to php myself and have been hunting down a good php resource site for a while - looks like I found one :)

Anyway, I see your post and notice that noone has replied as yet so I figure I'd have a bash myself. I've only been learning php for about 2 weeks now but I've not yet come across a way to do what you want without using Javascript.

Not sure if I'm allowed to post this so if not, an admin may remove it, but you could try [a href=\"http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex6/index.html\" target=\"_blank\"]This[/a] link.

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