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Stone Gossard

Websites for Differing Screen Sizes

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Maybe this is for a HTML forum but I'm kinda hoping that I can do this in php. I am designing a website for a company on my 17" screen and it's fine.But i just got a call from my employer to say that they use 15" screens and that they need to scroll to see the front page in full.

Is there any php solution to this?Is there some code that will make the webserver serve the page to suit all screen sizes?


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I assume they mean scroll [i]sideways[/i].

Size does not matter, resolution does.

The 'right' way to do it is visual design for a screen resolution of 1024px (the majority of sizes at present) but make sure it actually fits within a screen resolution of 800px (still used by 25% of the world).

There isn't any 'magic bullet' to get the right size content delivered depending on the visitor's window size (other than javascript and creating duplicate versions of every page of your site at different resolutions).

If this is an html question - modifying then sticking the content in a percentage width table might work for you ... but tables for layout really isn't the 'right' thing to do (for reasons endlessly discussed many other places)

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If you're not using CSS for formatting yet, you should learn and use it.

If you need something more immediate, use percentages for your widths, not hard coded values.


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