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I can't post or reply - why is this happening?

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Our Intrusion Prevention System is in place. One of the side effects of these security measures is that certain PHP functions are disallowed from your posts, and if one happens to be present, it will throw the 403 Forbidden error code or a Not Acceptable error.

So, to make your lives easier, we've assembled a list of functions that are disallowed by the IPS security features on the phpfreaks server. Whenever you think you've found a function that's not in this list, and it throws a 403, try putting a space after the function name and before the parentheses. Example:
[code]fwrite ()[/code]
If it works that way, please report the function to the Moderation team via the "Report to Moderator" button, and it'll be added to the list. Please, make sure you do not submit an entry already in the list.

Now, for the list of known problem functions:
[code]fwrite ()
fopen ()
chr ()
exec ()
system ()
passthru ()
header("Content-Le ngth: "

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Javascript <sc ript> tags also trigger the IPS!

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As those disallowed function work perfectly in php code whether there is a space between fname and () or not, what purpose does the IPS serve with such a simple workaround?

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