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What would be Best check for...Plz read


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Alright Im almost done with my IPB Mod Called "IPB Clan Protective System"

Im almost Done. But I wanted to Know What files that would be best to check for on a IPB to block access to forum unless they ensert password on form.

Alright Maybe This will explain what i mean.

Alright MY IPB is half way done now i have to intergrate it into forums(will work for any type forum with FTP access), now what i want is how would i check if a guest is on forum and if guest filled out that form.Then It saves info in cookies but if a person is on the forums and hasnt filled in info on the form it sends you back then when password is correct it sends you to forum and saves that you inserted password in form into a database.

No plz dont add this for the Third party forum.
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Are you talking about a login system? Please be more clear in your question.

And yes. If this is a mod to a third party piece of software this really should be posted in the correct forum or even the IPB support forum. Its a bit like asking a Linux question on a C programmers board.
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no not really its all PHP... Anyways

I have a Preview Of my Default product here: [a href=\"http://infernobb.a-host.info/faccess.php\" target=\"_blank\"]http://infernobb.a-host.info/faccess.php[/a]
(theirs a fake url so dont be supprised)Password = acgranted
now what im asking is now say u get the password correct and goes to forum now how would i make it intergrate with the forum and cehck if the guest has entered the input on the forum if it goes to the direct link(or if it goes to the forum url and didnt inter password to the forum it sends them straight back to the form and until password is correct it goes to forum and info will be saved into a database.

wooo------*wipes sweat*
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Even though your question relates to php it still belongs in the [b]third party scripts forum[/b] (or asked on an IPB forum).

I'll move it now.

On a side note, I've read it twice and I still don't know what you're asking so it might be worth editing your post into complete, coherent, sentences.

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This thread is more than a year old. Are you sure you have something important to add to it?

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