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Capturing source path for uploaded file

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have an image upload form which works perfectly ([color=red]why not - it could happen[/color]). Fields are (1) the file to upload; (2) Caption for the image; and (3) a textarea for a brief description. The user is given an option on the form to 'preview'. When selected the script (a) uploads the file; and (b) redisplays the form with all the info filled in AND displays the image.

The Problem:

ok, ok so its not perfect!. I am able to re-display caption and the description in their respective fields; however; I am having a bit of a problem with the image 'path/name'.

The Question:

How, if it is possible, can one re-display the original 'path/name' in the appropriate field?

ie. the file resides on user's computer at c:\just my pictures\my_dog_fluffy.jpg

([i][b]ok so its a sissy dog[/b][/i])



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Unfortunatly you won't be able to do this with any ease - The value attribute for file inputs is ignored by all of the popular browsers for security reasons.

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