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how file accessed

The Little Guy

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Directly meaning someone requested that file versus you including it or something via another file?


It's called hot linking.  If you don't want a file to be accessed directly, move it outside of the public area of your webserver:


You probably have files here: /home/TLG/public_html/your_files_here_or_in_some_folder


Move them to: /home/TLG/some_folder/public_html


They cannot link directly to them in that case.

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Because I don't want someone to go to the specific page and press refresh 500 times to boost their site hits.


Session and or cookies would be your best bet IMO. Although these are bypassable not many people know how to bypass it. You can also do an IP deal. if the IP has hit more than 5 times in x minutes or x seconds then inform them of the infringement and that their stats are now under investigation and may be altered.


Just remember that unique hits are not always accurate cause it is hard to know who is legit and who isn't.

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