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  1. search is busted...or missing..

  2. For lowend VPS's: My favorite: http://buyvm.net Other decent ones: http://hostigation.com http://budgetvm.com http://chicagovps.net/ I have 1 VPS with the "Others" and 22 with BuyVM
  3. I prefer Geany for Windows Its not Java, which is a huge + in my book. May not have all the flashy features, but is a nice lightweight IDE.
  4. I think your main issue is not having the RewriteBase (I think thats what it is) set to be /, without that you need to add the beginning slash: RewriteRule ^/profile$ /profile.php [NC,L] And see how that goes. Also make sure that MultiViews is turned off as that could be affecting it too.
  5. 69 votes to 40 votes.... how is that misleading? Oh and moved my vote to Other for Geany.
  6. RewriteRule ^products/.*/(.*)/action/(.*)$ something.php?page=products&category=$1&action=$2 [L] RewriteRule ^products/.*/(.*)$ something.php?page=products&category=$1 [L] Since you know products is static (not sure if by category you mean the actual category or just the word) you use that as your anchor. The rest is pretty self explanatory. Trying to do it all dynamically would be just a pain in the butt and quite unnecessary. This should get you what you are after.
  7. When you view your page via the http protocol you are seeing a page that has been generated by the server. So all you see is the "output" that the end user is suppose to see. If you view the source, all you see is the HTML generated by the server. When you include a file via the HTTP protocol, that is all you are essentially getting. So unless your server did not parse PHP, you are just including the end result HTML. When you do the include locally, the php file is not parsed, in other words the webserver is not generating the output for the end user, you get the raw code which include is able to interpret and actually include / use.
  8. require_once("http://mysite.com/includes/header.php"); Why are you including it from the URL? That will parse the page and deliver the end user content. Do this instead: require_once("/includes/header.php"); And see how that treats ya.
  9. lol You are better off looking it up online. What you need to do is find the latitude and longitude for each ZipCode, after you have that find out how many degrees is considered a mile. Once you have that you should be able to calculate it no problem! The point, you have to have 2 absolute positions and have a way to calculate the distance between two points. Without having or knowing 2 absolute positions, how do you expect to calculate the distance (other then by driving there yourself and doing an average speed etc, which Zane hit on)?
  10. $query2 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO user_group (group_id, user_id, group_leader, user_pending) VALUES ('2', '$dataArray[$i][0]', '0', '0'')") or DIE(mysql_error()); $query3 = mysql_query("INSERT INTO user_group (group_id, user_id, group_leader, user_pending) VALUES ('7', '$dataArray[$i][0]', '0', '0'')") or DIE(mysql_error()); Both of those have an extra ' after the last 0. And in this section: ('$dataArray[$i][0]', '0', '2', '', '0', '', '$dataArray[$i][3]', '$dataArray[$i][1]', '$dataArray[$i][1]' You need to encapsulate arrays (when accessing multiple dimensions) in curly braces: ('{$dataArray[$i][0]}', '0', '2', '', '0', '', '{$dataArray[$i][3]}', '{$dataArray[$i][1]}', '{$dataArray[$i][1]}', See if those help you out.
  11. I do not think it would be valid XML if you were to do the actual < and >. As it would break syntax. It has to be the entity. Instead of trying to get it to be the actual < why not just decode the entitiy on retrieval / display using html_entity_decode?
  12. Never heard of it, I will have to look into that.
  13. Hes a PC junkie. He gets off on Windows/Linux...seriously.
  14. I sure do not, but apparently nrg_alpha does:
  15. The point is, you strip out/replace all non-numeric characters. What this will do is give you just the numbers. If someone enters something like you have above, it would be valid, and it would just pull the numbers. It would be the exact same if they just typed in 1234432565 which would be valid. They key is the honest people will enter in the number how they want without fuss and the ones who do not want their number entered will enter in a fake number anyway. This way accommodates both people and does not tick off the honest person because they have to follow a set mask, which is annoying. However, the field should be limited to x characters on the form side so like 15 or 16 characters max. But as long as you get 10 digits out of it, thats a phone number and it is validated. EDIT: I mean honestly how are you going to tell if the phone number is truly a number? Find a webservice or database of numbers/area codes and match them to their zipcode ??? I highly doubt it. Entering phone numbers is more on the lines of the "honor policy" than anything.
  16. Hence why shared hosting is bad. It takes on user on your host to make every site hosted there insecure, if the shared hosting does not set up their server right.
  17. It makes sense in my mind. So my signature will just have to bug you. My mind it goes: Some people just cannot figure stuff out. Such as they cannot work out how to code in PHP. It is just not possible due to lack of motivation or lack of knowledge. But for everything else that they "can" figure out, google will them figure it out. It is just all a play on words and how it is worded.
  18. Please do not bump after an hour. Perhaps if you took care and posted this in the MySQL forum you would of had your questioned answered by the MySQL gurus who tend to only browse that forum. Moving to MySQL forum. Edit: Sorry about the bump remarks, long day. Still the same goes, take care to choose the right forum for the topic. That is most likely why this has gone unanswered like it has.
  19. lol I also remember the iPhone (granted it is not a PC) was hacked within like 8 hours of released with a massive bug in it. Anyhow, I still feel that Mac is not largely targeted due to the majority of companies that use Windows to power their server. Whether it is a small company that uses Windows 2003/2008 or a major server. Knowing how to exploit that could be useful to a hacker, especially if everyone on their network is using the same version of windows thus making it easier to create a worm to bog down network traffic to hide their tracks. That is just how I see it. Size does matter because there is potentially more valuable information stored on PC's with Windows installed vs a Mac.
  20. He was a bit confused [on] cud. I was explaining that I thought only cows chewed cud, to help clarify his confusion.
  21. I figured someone would point out something to make me eat my words. But all the same, I still think Mac is more secure due to the limited hardware it will work on. As far as I know Mac's only work with their hardware unless you hack your PC to run a mac with some type of a converter. But at last, I have used Macs but I never dove into them enough to understand their security. I just cannot get over that stupid 1 button mouse. It annoys me. That and I did not know OS X was based off of BSD, which would explain the security portion. As far as my statement, maybe it would be better worded that most Virus/Worm makers target Windows probably for the flaws in the code mostly, but because they just dislike Micro$oft and like to cause them havoc and pain to hopefully get users to switch to Linux (granted that is probably not true, but that is how I imagine it).
  22. I thought only cows chewed cud. Weird.
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