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Parse HTML Website, update DB, Output to user

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Hey all, I have a little project that I have to work on and I've had a slow start.

This will be a lotto app that will take the users numbers and output the specific date that they came up at (if any)

1. User goes to site and pushes "Get current info"
2. a script will parse [url=http://nylottery.org/ny/nyStore/cgi-bin/NumbersPastResults_Cat_337680_SubCat_337681_NavRoot_302.htm?DrwnDtMon=-1&DrwnDtYr=-1&DrwnDtDt=-1&RngDtMonStrt=6&RngDtMonEnd=6&RngDtYrStrt=2005&RngDtYrEnd=2006&RngDtDtStrt=7&RngDtDtEnd=7&]Lottory[/url]
3. after the site is parsed it will drop the data into a database
4. User enters 3 numbers
5. db query on the parsed data and returns the dates that those numbers came up (if any)

Can you guys point me in the right direction to parse the information from that site?


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if you figure it out, let me know.
I had an idea for a app that lets you type in an actor and it parses IMDB.com and tells you how many degrees of seperation from Kevin Bacon that person is.

nobody steal my idea.    ::)

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