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Embedding hidden PHP in Static html page

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I am rolling my own MYSQL shopping cart. One of my requirement is the catalog will be static html files.  I have embedded the following into my web page.

<form action="http://www.[my page]addcart.php" method="post"  NAME="order" id="order">
      Quantity: <input type=text size=2 maxlength=3 name=QUANTITY >
header("Location: http://www.[mypage]setInputbutton.php?item=44005");

      <input type=hidden name="ID_NUM" value="44005">
      </form >

The way it works is in the form I call SetInputbutton.php with the catalog number. The script queries database to get the quantity  in stock. If good it echos the place in cart button, if below a set point it places the number in stock and a place in cart button and if zero, echo only out of stock preventign purchase. The script works but When I view HTML source; it shows the entire PHP script. The question is how to hide the PHP script for prying eyes.

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For that you'd want to use AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). You can read about it at these links:

Your example script won't work by the way, you are sending a header after outputting.

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Also, if your source file does not have a ".php" extension, you PHP code will not get processed and will be treated as plain text, showing up on the page and in the source.


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