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[SOLVED] Notepad++

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yeah yeah i know this is closed but i feel my man's pain on this one. i too read post and like jimbo_3000 it did not help. not sure why this is closed.


the problem is not with the notepad++ it is a configuration issue with XAMPP or it is a procedural issue with using the 2 together.

if anyone is having the same problem and tired of chasing your tail, please check this video out




this video brings you through the configuration of XAMPP and shows you from beginning to end how to test PHP coding on notepad++ and see the results in a browser


follow it step by step (the password is not important i think. i just made one up and it worked)


some of the people here did try to help but to the rest of yall:

people seeking answers on PHP are obviously not experts or familiar with the jargon. these people seeking help are not idiots but obviously (well at least i thought it was obvious) you have to speak in familiar terms as the basis of communication

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the video you linked to adds an unnecessary step of connecting to a local server using ftp. most people directly edit files on their local server.


the video you linked to also using a browser with the localhost address to request the file through the xampp apache web server, which is exactly what was stated multiple times in this thread.


likewise, the 2013 reply above your's is a repeat of information already given in the thread.


topic locked.

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