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[SOLVED] Notepad++

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I have xampp working with Dreamweaver and another text editor. So the problem is not xampp. I am trying out Notepad++ and my php is not working under Notepad++. 


The main problem is that I don't know how to configure Notepad++ to work with xampp.

The same code that works in Dreamweaver won't work with Notepad++.


How do I get Notepad++ to work with the sever? 

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Notepad++ is a text editor... you DO NOT run php in it.



Very cute;  but wrong answer.  So if there is code in php and I want to run my code in my browser and server how do I get that to work. 


Just never mind the technical terms.  How do you check your php once its on notepad++?

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mchi, But if your working with session's then you need to make sure the browser is closed then reopened.


and personally i don't use live preview, as i need all my html/css cross browser compliant,


I only use my zend package for debugging php mysql .


i would use notepad the same way.


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Someone already told you how -

Assuming that you are editing your files in the proper web document folder, you can create a "RUN" command to invoke the browser and pass it the URL - http://notepad-plus.sourceforge.net/uk/run-HOWTO.php


firefox "http://localhost/$(FILE_NAME)"


Browsers don't read php, php is parsed and interpreted by the php language engine that is either installed as a web server language extension or as a command line interface.

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I just want to use notepade++ to edit php than check the it on the browser.  But It won't work.

I have XAMPP for all the server stuff.  I just need how to srt up notepad++ to funtion right when I have some php.


Please with all do respect I don't need an explanation what the server does or what the browser does.  I understand that I just have not used the right terms.


My php code runs  fine under dreamweaver, I am trying to use notepad++ and see how it works.


I need an explanation how to setup notepad++.  I want to  have php code in notepad++ and execute it. My sever is ok because the same code executes when i use a different program.



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Jimbo, like it has been stated numerous times notepad++ is a text editor, it doesn't have a built in browser or the ability to execute php, it only has the ability to modify text, hence it being called a text editor. You'll need to have one window with notepad++ where you edit your code, and a second web browser window opened to your localhost. There's no way to execute PHP in notepad++, it's all done by your server (Xampp) and the resulting html is rendered in your web browser.

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Hi Jimbo,

I was watching some tutorials online the other day and this You-Tube film shows just how Notepad++ and a Browser are used together. Just to complement what genericnumber1  has said.


I hope this helps you.thumb.gif



Steady Breezes


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OK this is the last try. 


here is some code

echo 'Thanks for reading.';


In  Dreamweaver my testing server is set up so all I have to do is to choose what browser i want to view the output, firefox or IE.  "Thanks for reading." shows up in my browser.


Now  the same code in the same location with notepad++ i get an error. This is what i did; I choose "RUN" from the tool bar. Then I choose firefox and  then I get an error message.  It never gets to my browser.


So now the problem is notpad++ is not set correctly.  Well that is only thing I can think of. 


So I am thinking the problem is that I have not set up notepad++ correctly. 


I may not have used the right jargon  for all this mess.  But; this has nothing to do with what a text editor is, what a server does and what php can do.


How do you type some php in notepad++, then go to "RUN" in tool bar  and then choose your browser and display "Thanks for reading." in the browser?



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PFMaBiSmAd gave you link to instructions. However Notepad++ doesn't do this as good as Dreamweaver and I'm afraid you will have to point your browser manually to location of your file,  as it is more convenient.


'launch in Firefox' and 'launch in IE' options in Notepad++ are designed for HTML files, not for PHP.


Notepad++ is not an IDE (although it comes pretty close).

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  • 4 years later...

I've had the same problem.

The RUN-function doesn't work right away like it does in NetBeans for example.

But actually it is quite easy :

Open the RUN dialog box and just type in the following :


chrome "localhost\phpproject1\$(FILE_NAME)"


Now you can run your PHP files in Chrome.

(if you use another browser, just change the "chrome" to your browser-name)

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