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Tracking number of email sent

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I administer a large NYC real estate firm website in NYC (over 250 agents); I've recently been asked to keep track of how many people request information from our website about apartment.

Each listing has a "submit inquiry" button that opens a form for their specific information (name, email, etc.) and passes the Vars to a "sendmail".php page that emails the listing ID in the subject line and other vars in the mail_message, to the agent associated with that listing ID in the database.

I simply wanted to have it also advance a counter on another page, with each submit.

But I wanted to track it by a "calander" - Day, week, Month, including running totals.

The tough part, is having it recognize a new day, week, month and ad the totals respectively.

I've never done any actual math calculations with php.

Any ideas. Am I overthinking?

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Actually this would be fairly simple, on both pages start a session, then register all your session variables to whatever you wanted to record, remove the expiration, the max_life_time session time, remove it completey, if you can, I see people having permanent counters.  What I would do, is have sessions do it, ifn ot then just database it all and pull it from the database when you are ready, eitehr one will work.  Or you could create your own idea, like create a .txt file somewhere like log.txt, and have it write all that information to a file, and call the informationf rom the file when you need it, have it update it, whenever you need, and just write over the old data with autoincrementing calculations.

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