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[SOLVED] SQL query in loop


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Hey everyone,


I have 4 queries that look like this:


$sql = "SELECT Device_Code, Chan1_Reference FROM devices WHERE Chan1_Reference = 'CW1002/W'";
$sql = "SELECT Device_Code, Chan2_Reference FROM devices WHERE Chan2_Reference = 'CW1002/W'";
$sql = "SELECT Device_Code, Chan3_Reference FROM devices WHERE Chan3_Reference = 'CW1002/W'";
$sql = "SELECT Device_Code, Chan4_Reference FROM devices WHERE Chan4_Reference = 'CW1002/W'";


The reference number will be a value I grab from a form input field. What I need is a loop of some kind that will take that reference number and check to which Channel it matches to, as per the queries above.


Is it possible to have a for loop that will go through those four statements and stop until one returns a row? That statement is then the one I use for other queries and data.






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Will it only be in one?


$sql = "SELECT Device_Code, Chan1_Reference FROM devices WHERE Chan1_Reference = 'CW1002/W' OR Chan2_Reference = 'CW1002/W' OR Chan3_Reference = 'CW1002/W' OR Chan4_Reference = 'CW1002/W'";


By the way, it looks like you don't have your database normalized.  Tsk tsk.

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Try this:


   $chan = "Chan{$x}_Reference";
   $sql = "SELECT Device_Code, $chan FROM devices WHERE $chan = 'CW1002/W'";
   $result = mysql_query($sql) or die(mysql_query());
      if(mysql_num_rows($result) > 0))
            $device_code[] = $row['Device_Code'];
            $chan[] = $row[$chan];


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I would adjust your table layout to make things easier in the Future

instead of

Device_Code, Chan1_Reference, Chan2, Chan3, etc



Device_Code, Channel, Reference

Then you can do a single query

$sql="select Device_Code, Channel, Reference from devices where Reference='CW1002/W'"; 

I just saw the previous posters comment about normalizing, this is what he was talking about.




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Thank you all for your replies! I agree with the comments regarding database normalization. Unfortunately, I didn't create this database. It was given to us by the client. They structured it in this way to fit in with an intricate water metering system so I have no control over that. I have to change my coding to fit with it.


Ober, your statement using OR in the WHERE clause works perfect! Thanks again!




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If ober's works then don't worry about it.  I guess I misunderstood your question because in your example you selected different columns for different ChanX_Reference that were corresponding to your WHERE clause.  I tried to create a dynamic loop that would break out if any of the queries got a return > 0.  ober's selected the same column every time, which you said works, which is why I'm confused...

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