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    Hi and welcome
  2. I generally don't mind code completion especially for XSL which I deal with on a daily basis.
  3. Interesting project, I just finished the survey.
  4. Done. Old: schwiegler New: squigs
  5. old: vamosbenedikt new: kbh43dz_u
  6. Old: Hybrid Kill3r New: ShoeLace1291
  7. A lot of bigger IDEs have plugins that support (S)FTP.
  8. Have you read this sticky? http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=37442.0
  9. Old: Blade280891 New: DeanWhitehouse
  10. Can I see the HTML code where you are calling the dialog? Also, you may need to add an onmouseout() call to close the previous dialog.
  11. Sure, post the specific bugs, the pertaining code, errors, etc. if you need help with them.
  12. Please don't upload the entire code, that has nothing to do with it plus people aren't going to download random files. I showed you exactly how to load an AJAX response into a dialog. You call it like this: Show Dialog Of course replace google.com with your server call. Also make sure you include your dialog.js (the file containing "newDialog()") .
  13. Kyle, in the future, please place OR tags around your code. You also should not be using short tags, use <?php.
  14. I would assume specifying the XML document as UTF-8 when creating it and database table, should fix it.
  15. This is why I suggested a framework like JQuery. It makes everything easier, especially loading into dialogs. Here is an example: In your .js file, write a function like this: function newDialog(url) { $("body").append(""); $("#new-dialog").load(url, {}, function(responseText, textStatus, XMLHttpRequest) { }).dialog( { height: 680, width: 840, draggable :true, resizable :false, closeOnEscape: false, close : function(ev, ui) { $('#new-dialog').remove(); } }); } This creates a div (#new-dialog) on the fly so you have something to populate into. The "url" parameter is the URL for the AJAX call. After it makes the call, the responseText will populate into the #new-dialog dialog. You call it the same way you're doing it now.
  16. This should give you some good ideas - http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/5-ways-to-make-ajax-calls-with-jquery/ You should pass in the "$idi" as a parameter when you call your AJAX method. If you need more help, make an attempt and post back.
  17. Overall, I think it looks nice, clean and straight to the point, it will be easy for users to find what they're looking for. Something small that bothered me: After selecting from the menu, don't auto scroll me down to the main container. The site is short enough where most can see the content and not have to scroll back up to select another option.
  18. I would suggest fixing it from the root, create and store the XML documents as UTF-8. It's really what you should be doing anyway, even if it's for the sake of universality.
  19. I would suggest using a framework like JQuery. Google JQuery post call, and you will find some examples similar to what you're trying to do.
  20. This topic has been moved to Editor Help (Dreamweaver, Zend, etc). http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=345641.0
  21. Yes, that has already been pointed out in the initial post. I think everyone saying "why reinvent the wheel", including myself, are referring to people that are using raw JS for those reasons.
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