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  1. Maq


    Hi and welcome
  2. I generally don't mind code completion especially for XSL which I deal with on a daily basis.
  3. Done. Old: schwiegler New: squigs
  4. old: vamosbenedikt new: kbh43dz_u
  5. Old: Hybrid Kill3r New: ShoeLace1291
  6. A lot of bigger IDEs have plugins that support (S)FTP.
  7. Old: Blade280891 New: DeanWhitehouse
  8. Yes, that has already been pointed out in the initial post. I think everyone saying "why reinvent the wheel", including myself, are referring to people that are using raw JS for those reasons.
  9. Aww, I thought you were going to give him his first choice, "Adam_69_Bad_Boi_Wrecking_Ball".
  10. Since the last active time of user "Adam", was in 2004 and was only only active 3 seconds after sign-up, one of the admins should be able to hook you up. If not, I can change you to Adam89.
  11. Done. old: svensegers99 new: senca99
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