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  1. Maq


    Hi and welcome
  2. I generally don't mind code completion especially for XSL which I deal with on a daily basis.
  3. Interesting project, I just finished the survey.
  4. Done. Old: schwiegler New: squigs
  5. old: vamosbenedikt new: kbh43dz_u
  6. Old: Hybrid Kill3r New: ShoeLace1291
  7. A lot of bigger IDEs have plugins that support (S)FTP.
  8. Have you read this sticky? http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?topic=37442.0
  9. Old: Blade280891 New: DeanWhitehouse
  10. Can I see the HTML code where you are calling the dialog? Also, you may need to add an onmouseout() call to close the previous dialog.
  11. Sure, post the specific bugs, the pertaining code, errors, etc. if you need help with them.
  12. Please don't upload the entire code, that has nothing to do with it plus people aren't going to download random files. I showed you exactly how to load an AJAX response into a dialog. You call it like this: Show Dialog Of course replace google.com with your server call. Also make sure you include your dialog.js (the file containing "newDialog()") .
  13. Kyle, in the future, please place OR tags around your code. You also should not be using short tags, use <?php.
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