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[SOLVED] Action Script not Executing some Code?


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My action script that adds points to the users, and updates the database is not doing any of the mysql querys, it has work times and times before, but not now for some reason. It does redirect, but it does not echo anything out. I have no idea why.


Here is the code:

$path = "../../";
$title = "Update Winners"; 
$u_login = "yes";
$admin = "yes"; 
include ($path."main/include/cons/head.php");
if(siteStat() == "Basketball" && $basketReg == 0){
function getPnts($round){
	$f = mysql_fetch_array(mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `basket_pnts` WHERE `round` = '".$round."'"));
	return $f['value'];
$i = 1;
$cnt = 1;
	if($i <= 16*1){
		$r = "a";
	}else if($i <= 16*2){
		$r = "b";
	}else if($i <= 16*3){
		$r = "c";
	}else if($i <=16 *4){
	 	$r = "d";
	$win = $_POST[$cnt."_".$r];
	$spot = $cnt;
	$round = $_POST['round'];
		mysql_query("INSERT INTO `basket_winner` (team, region, spot, round) VALUES ('".$win."', '".$r."', '".$spot."', '".$round."')")or die(mysql_error());
		$pnt = getPnts($round);
		$table = "basket_rnd".$round;			
		$q = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `".$table."` WHERE `".$spot."` = '".$win."' AND `region` = '".$r."'");
		while($f = mysql_fetch_array($q)){
			$usr = $f['user'];
			$p = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM `basket_usrpnts` WHERE `user` = '".$usr."'");
			$p = mysql_fetch_array($p);
			$brnd = "rnd".$round;
			$rnd = $p[$brnd];
			$total = $p['total'];
			mysql_query("UPDATE `basket_usrpnts` SET `".$brnd."` = '".$rnd."', `total` = '".$total."' WHERE `user` = '".$usr."'");
			echo $table." ".$spot." ".$usr." ".$pnt;
	if($cnt <= 16){
		$cnt = 1;
//header("Location: up_win.php");		
header("Location: ../index.php");
include ($path."main/include/cons/foot.php");

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Well, if it is redirecting it means:

if(siteStat() == "Basketball" && $basketReg == 0)

is failing



A few things I would do. Check to see if those variables are coming out to what they should - if not (which they aren't) find the source. Also, add in error_reporting(E_ALL); to the top of the script to see if something is causing a warning/error.

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