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Php Pages & Numbers.

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I basically have a news system which I wanted to show 6 articles Per page
and have page numbers at the bottom like:
[ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | >> ]
And when you get to page 2+ it adds "<<" previous. and obviously
when it's on the last page you can't go ">>" next.

Does anyone have any ideas how i can achieve this?

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Check the pagination tutorial here -> http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/43/0.php

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Here's an example that uses grouping of pages, useful if you have a lot pages:

[code]$page = !isset($_GET['page'])?1:$_GET['page'];
printNavLinks(800, 6, 10, $page);

function printNavLinks($totalItems, $maxitems, $groupsize, $currpage)
//Get number of pages:
$pages = ceil($totalItems / $maxitems);
//Divide the pages into groups:
$groupnr = 0;
for($page=1; $page<$pages; $page++) {
//If page is dividable by the groupsize, new group.
if($page % $groupsize == 0){
$groupArr[$page] = $groupnr;
//Display 'previous page link':
echo '<a href=test.php?page='.($currpage-1).'>< Previous </a>';
$groupToDisplay = $groupArr[$currpage];
//Display pages in this group:
foreach($groupArr as $page=>$groupnr)
if($groupnr == $groupToDisplay) {
if($page == $currpage){
echo '<strong><a href=test.php?page='.$page.'> ['.$page.'] </a></strong>';
else {
echo '<a href=test.php?page='.$page.'> ['.$page.'] </a>';
//Display 'next page link':
echo '<a href=test.php?page='.($currpage+1).'> Next ></a>';

To fetch from mysql use:
[code]'SELECT * FROM table LIMIT '.($currpage-1)*$maxitems.', '.$maxitems[/code]

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