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date calculations

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quick question about dates calculation, I have it setup where when someone
I have paypal integration complete it records the date of the transaction depending on how much they paid it records either 30 or 365 days just as a number 30 or 365 I need to take the date, I have the date organized where it records m/d/y or mm/dd/yyyy actually and the timeperiod set to whichever is necessary I am pulling all this from the database for every login and trying to check the date, I ahve recorded, and the current date, and see how many days has passed and update accordingly
but if all the days has passed them I am going to remove some fields, and reset that back to paid = no
I don't want to know how to do anything I just wnated to know what is a good basis to start, being able to take 1 date and take another date and check to see how many days between those dates have passwed passed

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This has been answered many times in this forum...
$date1 = strtotime('7/25/2006'); // number of seconds since 1-1-1970
$date2 = strtotime('1/1/2006');
$number_days = floor(($date1 - $date2)/86400); // 86400 = the number of seconds in a day
echo $number_days;


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