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Howto extract rows from a text type?

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Ok so ive been tryin to figure it out all night and i cant. Im trying to extract from a "Text" value box in mysql, but when it comes out it comes like.. blah, blah2, blah3.. or however i enter it into the box. i want it to come out so i can make each blah have an href.. is it possible or what would i do to do something like it? the purpose for it is for a "favorites" system, where the user clicks add to favorites, it simply adds the products ID to the text box "favorites" in mysql..hopefuly i explained clearly enough. ive tried stuff like;
  function displayFavorites(){
      $q = "SELECT * FROM ".TBL_USERS." ORDER BY favorites";
      $result = mysql_query($q);
      $this->display_favorites = $rows['favorites'].", ";
and anything else i could think of.. lol. help please!

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.. and where would each blah get it's href from???

It might be much better database design to have each blah AND its href as a single row in the database, rather than having to retrieve and post-process the field contents. 

If instead (and it's a weaker solution) you want to have a single database record with multiple pieces of data like blah, blah1, blah2 then you can separate lines by splitting the parts into array elements.

[code]$blahs = explode("," $blah_from_database); // produces array of all blah elements[/code]

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Yeah, definitely stay away from storing lists in single database columns, unless you never need to edit them.

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