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[SOLVED] Minor php and css help please.


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I've been working on a small script (its my first one, im newbie).


And I can't seem to integrate the layout with the the whole script, I tried php include for the header and footer, it works but it dont come out right.


Whereas if I had the layout coded without phpincludes it works perfectly.


What I mean is when I do an include the footer is slightly more to the left, even though the css says its centered, just general inaccuracy.


Heres the site:



(this has no includes and looks perfect)



(this is using includes and the footer links are slightly misplaced (their not centered), and the bottom left and right edges are not curved like the homepage.)


I used the exact code i did for the main page for the includes, except I separated the header (head tags/title) and footer (copyright/links divs).


Can anyone help?



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Validating the frontpage

Only gives errors about attributes being used wrongly, nesting things where they shouldn't.


Validating the page using includes gives a nice

"Line 87, Column 6: end tag for element "DIV" which is not open"


I've decreased the w3 errors, I tried to decrease them all but sometime they lead to more errors.


The /admin which has the includes, still no luck, the footer is still...  :-\


Is their an alternative like a a css or div code which can fix this? or another way of including the layout.

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Well, on the admin page, look near the bottom where you include the files. You end the page and then insert some more divs (persumably the footer code). You need to include the footer.php page earlier on in the script.


The header.php is right at the top, and the footer.php is at the very bottom, the footer contains divs.


If I move the footer.php up within the above php code, the page will misfunction and display numerous syntax errors.

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