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is unobtrusive JS/AJAX in personal dev tools necissary?


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First off, let me make it clear that i am just now venturing into the AJAX interface world and i love it!  Although i'm not too good at planning my scripts to be unobtrusive... although i have been keeping this in mind while I experiment.


So i completely understand and agree with the principles of using unobtrusive JS/AJAX applications on a public interface/websites/whatever...


What i'm wondering is for personal web development tools (that i would eventually like to offer to others), should i worry about making things unobtrusive?


Also, is there a way for a user to enable JS for a specific page/website? just wondering......

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If you plan to hand it over to others, I would worry about it.  But I guess that depends on your definition of unobtrusive.  I built a CMS over the past few years that used to rely heavily on AJAX.  After handing it over to a few clients and putting it through it's paces, it turns out that AJAX isn't the best technology in some instances.  So I've scaled back considerable in several places.


And I think the page specific part would depend on your browser, but I think the answer is no.  It's either on or off.

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It depends on how big your audience is intended to be.


If your code is meant to be distributed in the widest possible channel, then yes it must be unobtrusive and work both with and without JavaScript.


If you are developing a product, then you can simply say one of the product's requirements is that JavaScript is turned on.

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Oops.  Rereading my post I see I didn't say what I wanted to correctly.


Yes JS should be unobtrusive.


If you want to reach the widest possible audience, then JS should be optional.


If you are developing a product, then JS can be made a product requirement but it should sill be unobtrusive.

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