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What is a good way to design categories in a database?


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I'm able to easily create categories, but I run into problems trying to think of ways to create sub-categories of a category in a sql database, how can this be done in the most efficient way?


This is how I would do with no sub categories.  Say you an article table, that holds say articles. ;)


Okay you have:


1+1------This is your first post+ Hello world



Then you have another table called categories, where you have this,


1+foo bar


Doing this you can easily after a mysql query take the cat_id, then say,


SELECT name FROM category_table WHERE id=1)

You will get Foo bar.



I belive this is called recurvsive naming, where the article table only holds the ID number of the category, which translates to name in category_table. But things to me, get more confusing when designing sub-categories. So what is the best way to design the tables using sub categories?  :P

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The link didn't really help actually, I've spent the past 2 nights tyring to figure this out myself. (I love a problem).

So far I got this. Which works. I've added now a Depth to the table, Somehow I will use that to create a tree structure of  the whole parent node. haha I bet no one here can figure out this works? Its like almost like binary.  ::)



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