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I don't understand one thing, I ahve had this problem for months, multiple projects, and sometimes multiple servers.  It says the mail sends but it doesn't sometimes I never get the emails, sometimes I do.  For instance on a project, I was added to a list in a database, I tried to mail but I never got an email(and the email was in there right), but what happened is the other people said they were getting them.
And on my own site, the contactus form works, but when I set up the quickquote to test it, it has my email, it's like this
$to = "businessman332211@hotmail.com, {$_POST['qqemail']}";
but it never sends an email even though it says it does.

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perhasp its ketting filtered out as spam, perhaps your inbox is full or you are over quota.....
not sure about that $to string though!!!!

$to = "Businessman <businessman332211@hotmail.com>";

would be more what I'd expect.. better still just businessman332211@hotmail.com

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You have various methods but as these people don't know eahc other I would NOT create a string of $to address - they will be visble to all.

Instead either use php to manage a mailing list (tutorials all over the shop) OR my preferred method would be...

$to = "falseaddy@anywhere.com";

$header = "BCc: ";

foreach($email as $key => $value)
$header .= $value . ";";

and send the header in the extra params of the mail function.

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