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Need help calling functions

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I have a php script. One of the modules is called


Within in this module there are2 functions i want to use

addUser(email, password)

What i need to know is how i can call these functions
properly from my main php file called register.php

When i try either of these,
$enc_pass = $Htpasswd->cryptPass($user_password);
$this->$enc_pass = $Htpasswd->cryptPass($user_password);

I get the following error
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object

Anyone out htere know how i can call these functions??

thank you


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Make sure the classfile is included, then you should be able to do...

[code]$enc_pass = Htpasswd::cryptPass($user_password);[/code]
[code]$htpasswd = new Htpasswd;
$htpasswd ->cryptPass($user_password);[/code]

Depending on your version of php.

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