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number format


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As long as 25 is in range of 00-99 then this should work:

$num = '62500';

// reverse the number so we can work right to left
$num_rev = strrev($num);

// format the number
// number fomrat in reverse
// xx yy zzzz
$num_format_rev = preg_replace("/([0-9]{2})([0-9]{2})([0-9]{1,4})/", "$1 $2 $3", $num_rev);

// now reverse the formated number
$num_formated = strrev($num_format_rev);

// disply the number:
echo 'Old: ' . $num . "<br />\n";
echo 'New: ' . $num_formated;

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Yes use list and explode like so:
[code=php:0]list($num1, $num2, $num3) = explode(" ", $num_formated);

echo 'Number 1: ' . $num1 . "<br />\n";
echo 'Number 2: ' . $num2 . "<br />\n";
echo 'Number 3: ' . $num3 . "<br />\n";[/code]

That replaces this:
[code=php:0]// disply the number:
echo 'Old: ' . $num . "<br />\n";
echo 'New: ' . $num_formated;[/code]
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ook we finaly hit a snage when a veriiable id 4 characters or less it automaticalyt asumes its all one number is there a fix for teis
5525 reads as 55 25 not 5525 as the first number where 55 should be the second and 25 the 3rd and the 1st being empty?
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You need to explain just what rules you want to be followed in all circumstances.  Reading your first post - '6 can go as high as 9999' - but now you can have a 4-digit number that ought to be split into two numbers, not three.  You might want to reconsider how the numbers are formatted and de-limit them in the first place as the 'rules' for how to split them sound arbitrary.
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