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Using Template Engines


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I am a developer not a designer. Therefor I want to use a template engine in my new website (new as in revamped). Which one is the best? Do template engines come with different template I can download? Do I have to make my own? Are they hard to incorporate?  Is this the right board to post this in?


-Thanks! :)

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I am a developer not a designer. Therefor I want to use a template engine


Why? What benefit do you think using a template engine will provide? You still need to design your templates.



Thats what he was asking...



I haven't really used them but you do have to learn how to code for the framework you choose. Most people just use smarty but most template engines are designed to seperate your logic from your view (from what I can gather). You do have to design your templates, I would just use MVC to be honest.

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MVC is a design pattern used to seperate your application into layers. The model layer is used to access data (database/ files/ feeds etc etc), the view layer is used to render your pages to html/xml/json etc etc and the controller layer is used to tie the other two layers together.


Most (if not all) php frameworks use this pattern extensively to build applications.

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