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recursive glob ?


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From the glob site at php.net a user contribution:


Contributed by php at hm2k.org

// $Id: rglob.php,v 1.0 2008/11/24 17:20:00 hm2k Exp $

* Recursive glob()

* @param int $pattern
*  the pattern passed to glob()
* @param int $flags
*  the flags passed to glob()
* @param string $path
*  the path to scan
* @return mixed
*  an array of files in the given path matching the pattern.

function rglob($pattern='*', $flags = 0, $path='')
    $paths=glob($path.'*', GLOB_MARK|GLOB_ONLYDIR|GLOB_NOSORT);
    $files=glob($path.$pattern, $flags);
    foreach ($paths as $path) { $files=array_merge($files,rglob($pattern, $flags, $path)); }
    return $files;

/* example usage: */


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