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[Howto] Apache2/PHP5/MySQL5 on Debian/Ubuntu

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[b]Installing Apache2/PHP5/MySQL5 on Debian/Ubuntu[/b]

Note: Since Ubuntu is based on Debian I suppose that this will work on Debian too, but I haven't tested it.

This has been tested on Ubuntu 6.06.

You will have to do this as root or run the commands using [tt]sudo[/tt].

[b]Installing the software[/b]

Run this command to install Apache2 PHP5 and MySQL5: [code]aptitude install apache2 php5-mysql libapache2-mod-php5 mysql-server[/code]

[b]Set root password for MySQL[/b]

Run the following command on the terminal to get into MySQL's console: [code]mysql -u root[/code]

When in the console run this query: [code]SET PASSWORD FOR 'root'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('your_root_password');[/code]

Type [code]exit[/code] to exit MySQL's console.

[b]Starting Apache[/b]

Run this command as root to start Apache: [code]apache2ctl start[/code]

Replace [tt]start[/tt] with [tt]stop[/tt] or [tt]restart[/tt] to stop or restart Apache, respectively.


Additionally you may run this command as root to install phpMyAdmin: [code]aptitude install phpmyadmin[/code]


Apache configuration file: /etc/apache2/apache2.conf
PHP configuration file: /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
MySQL configuration file: /etc/mysql/my.cnf
Webpage root directory (what to call this?): /var/www

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Any chance you know how to do similar on FC2?

- PHP 4.3.10, MySQL 3
- Fedora Core 2
- Plesk 7.6/Virtuozzo Control Panel

need an update to:
- PHP 5, MySQL 4.1
without losing stuff like GD, etc.

Problem is I'm very very rusty when it comes to linux and i'll be damned if I can find a tutorial out there written in 'English'/laymans :)


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Also Plesk and Virtuzzio are both commericial scripts, and therefore you need a pretty dang expensive license.

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This is using  Apache 2.0.5x,  php5.1.xx,

anyone got a debian/ubuntu  Apache2.2/php5.2 install running?

I get the Apache 2.2 like so
$wget -c http://apache.sunsite.ualberta.ca/httpd/httpd-2.2.3.tar.gz
sudo apt-get install build-essential
$tar -xvf httpd-2.2.3.tar.gz
$cd httpd-2.2.3
sudo make install

but I can't seem to get php5.2 to install with it,  I get errors when I try to configure
and if I use apt-get install I notice that all of the apache related stuff is for 2.0.5x  and from what I read at apache.org  2.2 has changed the way apache does things over 2.0

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I to am trying to upgrade php (on FC2 Plesk server, no Virtuozzo) without succcess. So far, I've made PHP with zero options (so GD and mysql -- who knows what else -- aren't working). the lamphowto.com address makes its disclaimer on PHP5, and even if it didn't, it doesn't tell you how to do anything.

It'd be nice if I could at least get up to php 4.4. Anyone know how?

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