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php code help (Multiplication Table)

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#1 isuckat_php

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 12:22 AM

Help is greatly appreciated.

I am generating a multiplication table that runs numbers 2-15 depending on which number the user chooses to input.

The problem is when i input a number it infinetly multiplies the number by 1.

Here is the code:

// time_table.php - a demo of using functions and include file script
// Get the functions we need for this time table
// Using extension "php" instead of "inc" will prevent others see the code


$title = "The Times-Tables";
html_begin ($title, $title);

#Validation of input and then produce the Times-Tables
if ($submit)
if ($n == ''){
<span style="color:red;"><b>Oops, your forgot to supply info required.
Please correct the problem and try again. </b></span><br/>
else if ((!ereg("[0-9]", $n))){
<span style="color:red;">
<b>Please restrict your input to only numbers.</b></span><br/>
else if (($n >= 15 ) || ($n < 2)) {
echo "Number Range Error.";

//ready to produce the time tables
//function timetable( ) was defined in the included file function_timetable.php


// Forms to collect user input
<form method="post" action="time_table.php">
<p><b>Please enter an interger between 2 and 15:</b></P>
<input type='text' name='n' />
<p><input type="submit" name="submit" value="Time Tables" /></P>

<? html_end () ?>

Here is the tt_functions:


# A collection of functions to make our time table engineering
# easy to understand. It will be included in time_table.php

function html_begin ($title, $header)
print ("<HTML>\n");
print ("<HEAD>\n");
if ($title)
print ("<TITLE>$title</TITLE>\n");
print ("</HEAD>\n");
print ("<BODY bgcolor=\"#FFFF9C\">\n");
if ($header)
print ("<H2>$header</H2>\n");

# put out final HTML tags for page.

function html_end ()
print ("</BODY></HTML>\n");

function timetable ($n) {
// Go through each table
for ($table=1; $table<=$n; $table++)
  print "<p><b>The ".$table ."Times Table</b>\n";
//Produce $n lines for each table
  for($counter=1; $counter=$n; $counter++)
  $answer = $table * $counter;

//Is this an even-number counter?
  if ($counter % 2 == 0)
//Yes, so print this line in bold
  print "<br><b>$counter x $table = ".

//No, so print this in normal face
    print "<br>$counter x $table = $answer";

Again help is much appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

#2 andrewgauger

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Posted 24 April 2010 - 02:21 AM

  for($counter=1; $counter=$n; $counter++)

why are you evaluating if $counter=$n?  will it ever =$n when you are assigning the value to it?  oh, it always will thats right.  If you want less than or equal to you should change it to:

   for($counter=1; $counter<=$n; $counter++)

but I'm usually wrong. :shy:
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