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bulk mail() + attachment in a loop

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I have the idea that sending bulk mail in batches is the thing to do. Script timing out [max_input_time ?], spam, and such. About 500 on the mail list. I send in lots of 100.

Are batches a good idea?
Not necessary?
Other thoughts?

I have got the script sending an attachment - in a single batch loop.
But, from the PHP manual

>> file will be deleted from the temporary directory at the end of the request...

I presume this means the end of the first batch.
So, I hesitate to charge off exploring alternatives without your guidance. My script hand is slow and debugging can be tediously slow - especially with mail script as it can only be done on-line and I am on 36k dial-up at the moment.

My first thought is to literally upload the file to my server and unlink on completion of the last batch .

Set me on the path of righteousness my friends !  ;D


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I would reccomend NOT using PHP for this task. Investigate a true mailing list program.One that is designed to send email and has been debugged already.

If you're using a shared host machine running Linux there is probably one installed already that you can use. Check with you're hosting provider.


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Greetings Ken,

Nice to have a very clear 'NOT'.
I would very much appreciate an expansion of your thoughts.

Part of the process here is one of learning. The how and why.
Certainly PHP can mail and can send attachments. What are the limitations?

Too slow, too risky, unreliable...?
I am not so proud as to use a pre-made script but I would like to know why I might mess up with my own.

I hope you have the time to reply.


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