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Need Help! Trying to replace the word |LEFT| with Array("1","2","3");


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Hi guys


I'm struggling a bit, I need to replace a word that occurs multiple times in text with an array("up","down","forward","backwards") of words.


$find = "left";
$replace = array("up","down","forward","backwards");
$text = "left left left left";

echo str_replace($find,$replace,$text);


The Output is: array array array array


Did try this with a foreach statement as well, but no luck. Is there a better way of doing this?  :confused:



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instead of echo str_replace($find,$replace,$text);

try below

$new_arr = str_replace($find,$replace,$text);



Hi thanks,


I tried it but still outputs: array array array array


The result I'm looking for is: up down forward backwards


How can I achieve that?

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