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Start and stop ajax Onfocus bug help

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I have a large number of pages with ajax based chat on and I want to stop it communicating when the window looses focus using javascript
I’ve almost got it working but there is a bug.

It stops communicating when the window looses focus but when the window gets focus again it speeds up communicating, doubles it I think. I would be grateful for any help .

This is the controlling javascript


var check_n = 0;
var old_sha1 = "";
var new_sha1 = "";
<!-- Variable to check if window has focus -->
var hasFocus = 1;

window.onfocus = function() {
hasFocus = 1;

window.onblur = function() {
hasFocus = 0;

function refresh_cb(new_data) {
new_sha1 = hex_sha1(new_data);
if(old_sha1 != new_sha1) {
document.getElementById("wall").innerHTML = new_data;
old_sha1 = new_sha1;
document.getElementById("status").innerHTML = "Refreshed: #" + check_n;
setTimeout("refresh()", <?php echo $cfg['refreshrate'] ; ?>);

function refresh() {
if(hasFocus == 1) {

function add_cb() {
// we don't care..

function add() {
var line;
var handle;
handle = document.getElementById("handle").value;
line = document.getElementById("line").value;
x_add_line("[" + handle + "] %spantag%" + line, add_cb);
document.getElementById("line").value = "";
// document.getElementById("line").focus();
// ]]>


I’ve been using some code called chatwall from http://www.laan.org/demos/chatwall/  For quite some time.

it works great and is really small in kb's


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no it's from a guy called Joop Laan and it in turn uses sajax toolkit from modernmethod.com he's gone gone over to using ruby rails but I like this old version because it's really small and simple. but as I said I'm trying to get it to stop communicating when the window looses focus.

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I can't really help here -- there are functions that I don't see, and I don't have the time to figure out how they might work.

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I have the functions they're quites small I didn't post them because
I don't think its what the functions are doing its when they're called

when using IE it works fine as far as I can tell  I open 2 windows side by side and as I move focus between them I can see the refresh counter stop and start

But with firefox the counter doubles up like running twice as fast

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Clearly, there's a difference in the way the browsers handle focus... that's about all I can say.

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