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Standard questions.

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Hey all.


few questions.

1.is there editor that is free to use and it's completing the syntax? like if i start tag like that '<a' so it will offer me a closing tag for it. is there a free editor like that the support that?


2.while I'm using notepad++ it does not know that I'm scripting in php so it will coloring things if it need to do.


3.how i can coloring things?


that's it , thanks for helping.

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1. UEStudio. The free version is at thepiratebay.org


2. Use UEStudio


3. Use UEStudio - it's on by default


All joking aside, UEStudio is easy worth the $100 they charge for it. It has sftp and ftp built in, meaning you can edit the files right on the server. It will also open incredibly large text files without crashing (lagging yes, crashing no) The other day, I was able to edit a 1.5 gig sql dump with it -- it even syntax highlighted it!

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