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Hey. Tell me what you think of my new website so far.

At the moment it's only about half way done, but I want to test the user interface etc to make sure it's easy to use and everything works how it should.

I already plan on adding more js etc and there's a couple of broken links.

If you don't mind, register yourself as I need that tested to :D. If you really don't want to you can use

email: test@test.com

pass: test


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culturemash will always be a better domain, but even thats too long. you should look at a domain with a max of 10 chars eg, pplmash.com or massculture.com .  Its easier to remember - not to mention the resale value of a better domain. Trust me youll thank god you have a good domain name later on

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Im not to sure about the bottom bars with info on users.. it kinda take ur focus of the main page.


Also setting the page to span to 960px and centering it would be an idea as this is the most used practice.


also the link buttons at the top could do with working on.


The script itself is good tho :).


Only my opinion tho :)

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The repeating background image in the footer (/style/black/menu.png) looks like a tyre-tread, viewed from above. I think it is distracting to have it fade, then be followed by the dark top edge of the same image, then fade, and so on.


Also, I think you should consider have the same username/password for the main site and the forum. You can probably merge these from the outset, but once you have users registering separately for both, it becomes extremely difficult.


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