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Changing an HREF value based on file contents


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I have a form that ends up creating a file.  The file has one of two values in the file:




Within several of my web pages, I have an image map, and I would like one of the href values to be the value that PHP would get from the underlying file.


How would I code this to make the image map function accordingly?


Notice the "Daily Specials" entry within the image map.  It is this href that I need to become the value from the file.


The unsuccessful code that I tried is:



$file38a = "test/activate.txt";

$file38b = file_get_contents("$file38a");

echo "<img src=\"sample2/sidebar1.jpg\" alt=\"Collegeville Diner\" width=\"94\" height=\"330\" border=\"0\" align=\"top\" usemap=\"#Map2\" longdesc=\"http://collegevillediner.com\" />";

echo "<map name=\"Map2\" id=\"Map2\">";

echo "<area shape=\"rect\" coords=\"8,102,88,152\" href=\"about.htm\" target=\"_self\" alt=\"About the Diner\" />";

echo "<area shape=\"rect\" coords=\"7,159,90,204\" href=\"menu.htm\" target=\"_self\" alt=\"Our Menu\" />";

echo "<area shape=\"rect\" coords=\"7,214,90,262\" href=\"$file38b\" target=\"_self\" alt=\"Daily Specials\" />;

<area shape=\"rect\" coords=\"0,275,86,320\" href=\"desserts.htm\" target=\"_self\" />";

echo "</map>";




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If you do a "show source" after invoking the script, does the source code look like what you wanted?


Try this:

$file38b = trim(file_get_contents('test/activate.txt'));
echo "<img src='sample2/sidebar1.jpg' alt='Collegeville Diner' width='94' height='330' border='0' align='top' usemap='#Map2' longdesc='http://collegevillediner.com' />";
echo "<map name='Map2' id='Map2'>";
echo "<area shape='rect' coords='8,102,88,152' href='about.htm' target='_self' alt='About the Diner' />";
echo "<area shape='rect' coords='7,159,90,204' href='menu.htm' target='_self' alt='Our Menu' />";
echo "<area shape='rect' coords='7,214,90,262' href='$file38b' target='_self' alt='Daily Specials' />";
echo "<area shape='rect' coords='0,275,86,320' href='desserts.htm' target='_self' />";
echo "</map>";



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Thank you very much for solving the mystery, so to speak.....


I now have a working image map.


I also appreciate having learning that I can use single ticks within the HTML parameters so I don't have to escape out the double ticks.

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