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Separating by comma


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Depending on the version of mysql, you might be able to get away with doing it all in one query.


Regardless, here's a decent way to do it, using 2 queries that will work on nearly any version of MySQL:

$result = '1,2,3';//in reality, you're going to get this through a query instead, not assigning it by hand.

$newQuery = 'SELECT * FROM table2 WHERE somevalue IN ('.$result.')';


You could also explode it as mentioned above, and individually deal with the records in a loop.



$result = '1,2,3';//in reality, you're going to get this through a query instead, not assigning it by hand.
$resultArray = explode(',',$result);
for($i=0;$i<sizeof($resultArray);$i++) {
  $newQuery = 'SELECT * FROM table2 WHERE somevalue = '.$resultArray[$i];

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This is what I have and for the matchTypeID, titleID, and stipulationID all three of these could/could not have values and if they do then they could possibly have just one integer or they could have more than one separated by that comma.


$query = "SELECT 
    eventSegments.eventID = '$eventID' AND eventSegments.type ='match' 
$result = mysql_query ($query); 		
$numrows = mysql_numrows($result);
while ($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {
    foreach ($fieldarray as $fieldlabel) {
    	if (isset($row[$fieldlabel])) { 
    		${$fieldlabel} = $row[$fieldlabel];
    if ($count != $numrows) {
    	print "<h2 class=matchnum>Match ".$count."</h2>\n";
    } else {
    	print "<h2 class=matchnum>Main Event</h2>\n";

    if (!empty($stipulation)) {
        echo '<h3 class="title">';
        if (!empty($titleName)) {
            echo $titleName . ' ';
        echo 'Championship Match</h3>';
    print "<h3 class=match>".$segmentTitle."</h3>\n";
    if (!empty($preview)) { print "<p class=blurb>".nl2br($preview)."</p>\n"; }
    print "<p class=cardchange>Card Subject To Change.</p>\n";
} else {
    print "<p>No Forthcoming Events booked.</p>\n";

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