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Global in a Function Inside a Function Does Not Work?


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When I put this chunk of code into it's own function:


function fetch_all ($dbc, $query) {

include ('knuffix_list_func.php');

	pagination_start ($dbc, $query);

	$offset = $pag_array[0];
	$rows_per_page = $pag_array[1];

	$query = $query . " LIMIT $offset, $rows_per_page";

	echo "test query: " . $query;

	knuffix_list ($query, $dbc);

	pagination_end ($pag_array);


And when I echo out the query as you can see in the example, then I notice that the variables $offset and $rows_per_page never get appended.

I set the variable $pag_array to a global inside the function pagination_start(). It usually works when I DON'T wrap a function around this chunk of code, but if I do wrap a function around everything then the global suddenly won't work anymore.


Btw, this also won't work if I wrap a function around the function DECLARATIONS.


Any ideas, how I could make it work?

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as I wrote in my post the global is inside the pagination_start() function CALL.


How would I pass it through?


I'm able to in-ject variables into a function, but I'm never able to out-ject variables outside of the function if I don't use globals. How would it work in this example?



This is the DECLARATION of pagination_start():


function pagination_start ($dbc, $query) {
// find out how many rows are in the table:

$query_run = mysqli_query ($dbc, $query);
$num_rows = mysqli_num_rows($query_run);

echo "Number: " . $num_rows;

// number of rows to show per page

$rows_per_page = 2;

// find total pages -> ceil for rounding up
$total_pages = ceil($num_rows / $rows_per_page);

// get the current page or set a default
if (isset($_GET['current_page']) && is_numeric($_GET['current_page'])) {

// make it an INT if it isn't
$current_page = (int) $_GET['current_page'];

} else {
	// default page number
	$current_page = 1;

// if current page is greater than total pages then set current page to last page
if ($current_page > $total_pages) {
$current_page = $total_pages;

// if current page is less than first page then set current page to first page
if ($current_page < 1) {
$current_page = 1;

// the offset of the list, based on current page

$offset = (($current_page - 1) * $rows_per_page);

global $pag_array;

$pag_array = array ($offset, $rows_per_page, $current_page, $total_pages);


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In this case you want to return the array back to the calling function.


In the fetch_all function, do

$page_ary = pagination_start ($dbc, $query);


In the pagination_start function, do

return (array ($offset, $rows_per_page, $current_page, $total_pages));


and delete the line

global $pag_array;



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