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GetimageSize function doesn't work with url imagefile ending on .jpg&size=40x30


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Hello happy codes,


I have an image as such;



getimagesize doesn't work with this image.


Any ideas or links? I have looked through this site and can't find anyone having this problem. Am I missing something?


Thank you,



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Works fine for me:

$x = 'http://storage.canoe.ca/v1/dynamic_resize/?src=http://www.torontosun.com/specialsections/2011/03/10/248x186_mb.jpg&size=40x30';
$i = getimagesize($x);
echo '<pre>' . print_r($i,true) . '</pre>';


    [0] => 40
    [1] => 30
    [2] => 2
    [3] => width="40" height="30"
    [bits] => 8
    [channels] => 3
    [mime] => image/jpeg


Why do you say it doesn't work?




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