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help with foreach loop results


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If i got it right ... you wana do something like this?


foreach ($array[key] as $key => $value){
$string .= $value.", ";
$string = substr($string, 0, -2); // Delete the last 2 characters
echo $string;


I would require more of your code in order to show you exacly how it's done but the above is an exemple.

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foreach($options['exc_cat'] as $cat) {
echo $cat;


this code returns 1 5


I want it to display as 1,5


I have been searching and tried substr($cat, 0, -1) but this strips all the commas from the string. the way I am returning the value, it prints as 1,5, I need the last comma after the 5 to go away. But the substr strips all commas which just donned on me that the foreach loop loops through, returns 1, then loops again and returns 5, I want to combine the total overall results into one string so that I can strip the trailing comma.

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