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Changing Form Action Field


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Hi there,


I was wondering if it was possible to change a forms action field with PHP.


Basically, if there are several checkboxes for the user to select and a specific checkbox was selected, how would I redirect users to an alternative webpage on submit?


I've been playing around with several methods, and one of them was:



if(isset($_POST['Example']) &&
   $_POST['Example'] == 'FormValueGoesHere')
    echo ('./page1.php');
    echo ('./page2.php');



But the form action would only display page1.php even with nothing selected.


Maybe I'm just being stupid because it's getting late, but I'd appreciate any assistance.




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Re-direction to a different page isn't going to work for you, if the $_POST or $_GET array is set, as the new page will not have access to those variables.  Like requinix stated, use an include.

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