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Javascript arrays

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I have question about javascript and array system. I'm using javascript in my web site and I would like to enable a language selection on it. I'm using language options from php side. an associative array, containing values like $lang["Hello"] => "Hello", and this goes on.

Is there a way to do this with javascript? I mean is there a such an assosiative array option in javascript (which I do not think it's possible.). I have intended to use a getLang function which takes an argument about lang and with switch statements it returns the right value. Well that's ok but it will take a lot of time if I have thousand cases. Any idea is welcome.


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Yes, JS support associative arrays a.k.a. hashes:

var myAA = {};
myAA['key1'] = 'value1';

Strictly speaking, you can mix arrays and hashes, but don't (read: don't use numbers as the keys).

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