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Multiple Queries

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I found this, but I dont get how multiple queries work. Do all queries have to be stored in variables? If so, then how in the world do I execute an update query or replace? Can someone please tell me and if possible, show me an example?


function connectDb($user, $pass, $host, $db) {
    //this function connects to a mysql server
    $sock = mysql_connect($host, $user, $pass);
    //this function connects to a mysql database, once a server has been reached.
    if(isset($sock)) {
        if(!mysql_select_db($db, $sock)) {
            echo mysql_error();
    return $sock;

//simple use of the function
$socket = connectDb('bilbo','b@gg1ns','localhost','test');

//create an sql query
$sql = "SELECT *  FROM sample";

//perform the query and return a resource identifier to $query
$query = mysql_query($sql, $socket);

//show all the data via a while loop
while($data = mysql_fetch_assoc($query)) {
    //using foreach, list all the data that was returned in the $data array from mysql_fetch_assoc
    foreach($data as $key => $value) {
        echo $key.' = '.$value.'<br />';
    echo '<br />';


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This is a single query loading data into a variable array to be used later. The variable being $key

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Yes, you have to issue a separate call to mysql_query() for each query... I'm not sure what you're confused about.

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