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Need php/mysql advice, store lots of ip numbers

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Hi all,

Im runnin a blog toplist and im using evotopsite but im about to trash it cuz it pretty much blows.
So there for im writing my own but im looking for some advice how to code the tracker that tracks
unique visitors on the blogs.

This tracker (a image) stores all ip numbers in a mysql table and for each unique visitor the blog ranks higher.
So the blogs are ranked depending on the unique visitors.

So whats the best way and most optimized, i was thinking of having a a bit of code which runs once every 15 minutes and counts the unique visitors to the blog toplist which ranks em.
When it runs it flags those ip numbers that have already been counted, the ip column will be set to unique so it only stores same ip once only.

Does this sound like a good idea?

Best Regards

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the only other option i'd throw out is that if it's not an extraordinary amount of sites, you could actually "rate" them when the page loads. if you're talking about hundreds of thousands of records you're having to have SQL count up, then your idea is definitely the better option.

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