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would like to select stuff on a specific month number and/or year where their date is stored as a DATE (0000-00-00), so i came up with this:


$dateresult = mysql_query("SELECT *, DATE_FORMAT(date, '%m') as month, DATE_FORMAT(date, '%Y') as year FROM table WHERE month = '10' AND year = '2011' ") 
or die ("could not execute dateresult!");


but it seams not to work.. is it wrong to select on colums that are newly defined? if so, what is the right method?



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ok, thanks!


i am one stap further,


but what if you dont know the date on forehand? for example, i take a random item and i want to select all items of the same month as this item, or all items of the previous month of this item?


first i thought i could subtract the month number of the random item and select all items with the same month number or month number -1, but that would not be possible, like you say..

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One query gets the random item. Best way for this is to count the number of items and pull a random one out. So it's actually two queries.

SELECT COUNT(1) FROM table # say you put this number in $count. subtract one from it and
SELECT * FROM table LIMIT $count, 1

Then you have the item details, including the date. Use the normal query with that information:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE date BETWEEN 'year-month-00' AND 'year-month-99'

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thanks for your help :) in the mean time, i also found an other solution, i didnt know the SQL-formulas MONTH() and YEAR() before ^^,


probably there is still a lot faster way, but for now it works:



$datumresult = mysql_query("SELECT *, DATE_FORMAT(datum, '%m') as maand, DATE_FORMAT(datum, '%Y') as jaar FROM strip WHERE vlag = '0' AND datum = '$ID' LIMIT 1") 
or die ("could not execute paginaresult!");

$datumrow = mysql_fetch_array($datumresult);

$m = $datumrow['maand'];
$jaar = $datumrow['jaar']; 

if ($m <2){$vorigem = 12; $vorigej = $jaar - 1;} else {$vorigem = $m - 1; $vorigej = $jaar;}

$vorigeresult = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM strip WHERE vlag = '0' AND MONTH(datum) = '$vorigem' AND YEAR(datum) = '$vorigej' ORDER BY ID DESC ") 
or die ("could not execute vorigeresult!");
$vorigerow = mysql_fetch_array($vorigeresult);


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