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Output dynamic array values in json array.


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Hello all,


I have yet again trouble finding a logical solution to my problem.

I'm fetching an array which can hold 1 or more values.

The problem is, I want these values to ouput in my json_encode function, but this also needs to happen dynamically depending on the amount of values.


I can't explain it further, so here's the code so far:


$files = mysql_fetch_array($get_files);

$a = count($files);

$i = 1;
while ($files) {
$variablename = 'fileName' . $i;
$$variablename = $files['fileName'];

$output =  array( OTHER VALUES , 'fileName1' => $fileName1, 'fileName2' => $fileName2, 'fileName3' => $fileName3, ............);		// How do I add the fileNames dynamically depending on how many there are?



This got me thinking, I also need to dynamically GET the values with jQuery. How would I do that, when the above eventually works?


Thank you.


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Thanks for your fast answer requinix!


How would I dynamically fetch those values with jQuery?

Maybe I could count the array in jQuery, then subtract the amount of other (standard) values, to get the amount of dynamic values?

Or is this much more easier to solve?

Because I need to be able to put those values where I want them on my webpage.



EDIT: with the above code, I get a syntax error, unexpected T_INC, expecting '}' on the line $output["fileName{$i++}"] = $files["fileName"];

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Guess you can't post-increment. Moot point anyways.


Since apparently you don't need the "fileNameX" labels, just use an array:

$output[] = $files["fileName"];

json_encode() will spit out something like

["file1", "file2", "file3"]

which becomes a simple JavaScript array

var filenames = ["file1", "file2", "file3"];
alert(filenames[0]); // file1

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Hmm, that would work, yes.


My output would be something like this:


output = array('customer' => $customer, 'address' => $address, '0' => file1, '1' => file2, '2' => file3, ...);


My goal is, with jQuery, to loop through the FILES ONLY, and make them radio button options.


Is this possible with the above output?


Appreciate your help, many thanks!

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Thanks, requinix, that did the trick! :)


BUT, I can only receive ONE file, even when there are two, three, ...


I did some debugging, and when I execute the query in MySQL itself, I'm able to receive multiple filenames, as expected to work.

But when using the same query with PHP and using print_r, there's only ONE (the first) file in the array.


$select_files = "SELECT file FROM files WHERE customer = '$customer';";


How's this possible?

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