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my dating site, how to get members


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Hi , I have a dating site and it is decent, looks nice,  basic functionality of your average site. I was going to charge $5 per month for paid memberships that allow you full contact with members to date. the free version only lets you view the members.


I read that plentyoffish.com is huge and free depending on advertising money, however places like eharmony and match.com charge a decent amount, too much in my opinion.


I have also read that it is best to make your site free to attract visitors, and then start charging a fee. Does that mean you start charging only the NEW customers? and just give away those old accounts?


Basically the problem is, I have a dating website, not niched yet if I ever find one, and I have no one there. Absolutely no one. I have another website that gets about 15-20 visits per day and put a link to my dating site on it.


Does anyone know how I can get new members? The money problem will solve itself in a way after I get a large user base, because I can severely undercut larger dating sites, since I am a small guy. very small. 1 millionth of match.com income is what I could literally live off of.


Please if anyone has ideas on how to get members I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you


also, some people post tons of fake users, not sure if I will do that yet. I might have to initially.

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Tell your friends and family, put it on social networking (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), try to advertise it locally with fliers and stuff, buy some Google AdWords credit (and equivalents for Yahoo and Bing if you want), make sure your SEO is in good condition.


About the membership thing. What I generally see happen with startups is that it is free initially, but they make it very clear that on X date it will no longer be free, but that legacy accounts will have some sort of discount or benefits. This encourages users to try it out while it is still new and young, and also encourages them to stick around because they think they are getting a good deal.

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